Youth Guidance

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Youth Guidance

  • 1 Collaborating, Intellect: 1,10,19,28,37,46,55,64,73,82,91
  • [_]Youth: To stand on their own, to move ahead with new opportunities w/courage.
  • Inner Child: Dislikes restraints of any kind, needs to feel free in order for his/her strong individuality to be expressed. he/she will not always be careful until they have actually learned from their own experience.  Be aware of this, and do not force your opinion or authority on this youth. The more supportive his/her environment, the more balanced their fundamental characteristics will be. Always give this youth attention, special sincere recognition & admiration for their work to bring out the best in their character. 
  • 2 Diplomatic Service: 2,11,20,29,38,47,56,65,74,83,92
  • [_]Youth: To be emotionally available for others w/o becoming dependent/enabling
  • Inner Child: He/she has a kind, and gentle nature.  He/she will prefer to stay quiet and in the background. Life seems threatening to this child, parents must do their best to give this child a secure, solid base.  During the earlier years, this child will find it easier to cope if he/she is in a warm familiar environment, surrounded by things he/she loves which are calming and make them happy.  Try not to be too harsh or forceful with them.  Help this child to set boundaries between their imagination and what is reality.
  • 3 Public Relations: 3,12,21,30,39,48,57,66,75,84,93
  • [_]Youth: Uplift through music, paintings, theatre, poetry, stories w/virtues, legends
  • Inner Child: Never discourage this child, instead, help give them the confidence they will need to make it in this world.  Teach this child to avoid being proud.  Give this child plenty of attention.  Show them often that they are appreciated.  This child  needs a great deal of warmth and love.  If this child does not receive the attention required, he/she will demand it in other ways. He/she understands early in life the law of cause and effect.  He/she knows that whatever happens to a person is the result of that person’s own conscious or unconscious choice. 
  • 4 Planning & Organizing: 4,13,22,31,40,49,58,67,76,85,94
  • [_]Youth: Achieving, by keeping a schedule that sets goals and develops a plan .
  • Inner Child: Encourage your youth to talk about his/her anxieties and express the fears concerning the outside world.  As a parent being there with uncompromising support and an understanding of his/her difficulties are likely to help this youth to overcome any anxieties and or fears. Teach this youth to internalize universal principles, this will  help this youth to acquire a basic degree of confidence, allowing him/her to go out into the world and take upon him/herself tasks and decisions.  Explain to them that they should become straightforward and learn to say no when they cannot do something for others, instead of saying yes and then not acting on the agreements they have made. 
  • 5 Change & Excitement: 5,14,23,32,41,50,59,68,77,86,95
  • [_]Youth: Preparation for many sudden changes/surprises and opportunities to travel
  • Inner Child: As a parent channel your youth’s need for activity into positive directions.  Get them involved in sports, an area where they can easily gain success.  Teach them to stop hurrying all the time. Their active mind makes it difficult for these youths to deal with people who do not respond as fast as they do in situations.  However they must guard against being impulsive in words and in deeds. Teach this youth to have patience.  Develop your youth’s concentration so that he/she will make the best use of his/her spare time.  Give them exercises to develop self-confidence, tranquility of mind, and calmness.
  • 6 Comfort for family, community: 6,15,24,33,42,51,60,69,78,87,96
  • [_]Youth: To serve & nurture. Teach youth traditional/cultural values and standards.
  • Inner Child: Give this youth a chance to express his/herself without being told what to do or how to think.  Let their fertile imagination lead them and develop his/her ability for free and independent thought.  Teach this child to learn to judge people thoroughly before trusting them.  Art & music helps this child to be happy.  As he/she matures involve him/her in the creative arts.  This youth has a strong sense of honesty and fairness.  His/her friends may seek him/her out to settle any differences they may have.  He/she is sympathetic to their friends. 
  • 7 Spirituality & Intuitiveness: 7,16,25,34,43,52,61,70,79,88,97
  • [_]Youth: Establish their connection w/the universe in accord with Universal laws
  • Inner Child: .  Encourage this child to express their inner feelings and emotions.  This youth has to develop a positive outlook on life & not to worry so much.  They should avoid hurrying and making quick decisions.  Encourage them to not underestimate their talents, & bravely start their own projects.   Unnecessary interference, exaggerated demands & aggressive intrusion into this youth’s personal space will undermine your youth’s self-confidence.
  • 8 Financial Institutions: 8,17,26,35,44,53,62,71,80,89,98
  • [_]Youth: Way to success/prosperity is the “win-win” idea that also empower others
  • Inner Child: This youth is the aggressive type, and will need restraint at an early age.  If as a parent you do not pay due attention to the early stages of his/her development, this child might develop violent behavior patterns.  This child’s active nature must constantly be in motion, however as a parent you must set limits & explain to your child the need for order in order to live in a civilized world. Encourage them to give vent to their tensions and aggressiveness in healthy ways that involve their favorite means of expression:  speech, art, music, painting, or sports.  Expressing themself freely and without coercion through the above ways may decrease aggressive behavior. 
  • 9: Humanitarian pursuits:  9,18,27,36,45,54,63,72,81,90,99
  • [_]Youth: Must learn to release the past, and express world humanitarian service
  • Inner Child: Emotional support is very strengtheing. Teach your child to control their tempers, & impulsiveness in words and actions.  Teach them to avoid the many opportunities that bring provocation.  They must learn to avoid the resulting thoughts of revenge.  Teach them to get rid of false pride & hypocrisy because it brings jealousy & criticism from those who are less confident. In teaching this youth do not discourage them, as it retards their leadership potential.  Teach them to smile to avoid the apperance of being too stern. This youth will grow up to be a concerned citizen and a benefit to society, if their sensitivity towards others is brought to the forefront and not suppressed by the environment.

Psychic Abilities “While recent generations have found psychic abilities rare, exciting, & useful for entertainment, every child born now has the ability to see far into the future as well as the past. They arrive here knowing what they are destined to become. But they need you to get them there. That is why Allah (God) gave them mothers: to get them to their destination and in the process, to love them as much as He does. This does not lessen the critical importance of fathers, but mother is the first teacher.” Real Love pg.#50 Ava Muhammad

1st Nurse 1st Teacher: Parenting By The Numbers

Your youth's InnerChild Vibration is the day that they were born on.
Life Purpose & What Needs To Be Developed Is The Date Of Birth Totalled.





DATE OF BIRTH:  __/__/____

                            TIME __:__ am/pm

Socializing Our Youth Phone Consultations & Charts


Helping A Child Find Their Place By 


  • [_] intuition
  • [_] hidden potentials
  • [_] introspection
  • [_] awareness
  • [_] creativity
  • [_] spirituality


  • [_] strength
  • [_] courageousness
  • [_] daringness
  • [_] patience
  • [_] diplomacy in handling affairs

Natural instincts to develop in the child:

  • [_] foundation of self-respect
  • [_] confidence
  • [_] identity
  • [_] climbing high
  • [_] to reach out and accomplish tasks

Being supportive to a child to help them translate their emotions, intuitions, visions, and impressions into patterns that can turn ideas into a reality.

Pre-Birth Parenting Vision Study Group

By The Numbers


  • A1  J1  S1
  • B2  K2  T2
  • C3  L3  U3
  • D4  M4  V4 
  • E5  N5  W5  
  • F6  O6  X6
  • G7  P7  Y7
  • H8  Q8  Z8
  • I9   R9




Recommended Infant: 2 months - 5 months (before crawling, babies welcome)

Reference Material & Recommended Reading For Class:


Reference Material:

"This is what our education is all about. It's about serious decisions. And this generation of children, must be the one that makes these decisions. Therefore, they must be prepared mentally and their character must be developed so that they can make these major decisions, so that they can lead our people in a way that we can survive in the future". Awakening The Natural Genius of Black Children By Amos N. Wilson pg. #9

"The Key Is: What is the standard that that individual should be taught as to how they should deliver their gift".

The Association for Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology and Health. The opportunities for parents to form a relationship with the baby in the womb are significant and remarkable. Mounting evidence for memory and learning in utero and for precocious communication before the stage of language. They are also a basis for the personal stories occasionally shared by children and adults about their experiences before birth.

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