BUDGETING: Planning For Education

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Educational Programming & Skills Building


What Positive Parenting Teaches

  • [_] # 1   Safe, engaging environment & activities
  • [_] # 2   Positive learning environment
  • [_] # 3   Have realistic age expectations
  • [_] # 12 Setting good healthy examples
  • [_] # 14 Incidental Teaching  
  • Video: "Before You Quit...Take flght"
  • [_] # 10 Praise: encourage good behavior
  • [_] # 15 Charting and reviewing daily
  • [_] # 16 Using rewards for good behavior
  • [_] # 17 Budgeting finances
  • [_] # 19 Having calm direct discussion
  • [_] # 26 Getting and giving family support
  • [_] # 27 Self-Care: "Took care of me"
  • [_] # 29 Planning activities and reviewing steps
  • [_] # 30 Goals: Utilized knowledge of strengths


What type of parenting style do you associate yourself with and is that what is working best for you?

  • [_] 1) To direct
  • [_] 2) To nurture
  • [_] 3) To entertain
  • [_] 4) To provide
  • [_] 5) To enrich
  • [_] 6) To love
  • [_] 7) To educate 
  • [_] 8) To discipline
  • [_] 9) To cultivate
  • [_] a) All of the above
  • [_] b) Only: ________
  • [_] c) None of the above 
  • [_] d) Other: ________  
  • [_] e) Don't know yet:  



[_] Entreprenuer 


  • Nicholas Buamah, Author/Writer

[_] Sports:   

[_] Theatre: 

[_] Visual Artist:  

  • Kevin Morales, Painter
  • Crevan Cooley, Designer, Costume Designer






Think about your child's behavior for a moment.  Each week you will have the opportunity to select a goal for accomplishment.  The positive parenting facilitator will support you in using positive parenting skills to accomplish the goals and assist you in realistically following your dream or vision for yourself as a parent to your child.  

CHARTING: Parent your child based on their child's natural talents and gifts. Use your children(s) Mathematical Analysis Chart (numerology) as a reference guide: The guide will be for each child's development in order to effectively monitor your own personal and child's positive developmment according to their lists of natural talents, gifts, lifestyle, while implementing "Positive Parenting" techniques.


Positive Parenting Assessment


Please learn how to calculate for your own self and then calculate your family members according to everyone’s personal vibration and mathematical characteristics. Instructions are given on how to do this on the following links:

Inner Child:  Natural talents born with

Life Path:     Indication for developing skills to use for particular types of work

Destiny:       Indication for possible career opportunities. More successes related in this area. Style of effective & natural parenting techniques could be identified by parent's own name documented on birth record.

Key:   Identifies natural talents to use witin one's field of work

EDUCATION FOR A PURPOSE: Occupational Handbook

      • [_] 1: LEADER 10,19,28,37,46,55,64,73,82,91 

Study About:                                           Rulers, invention, writing, architecture, construction, gardening, music entrepreneurship

Check Career Opportunities:                    ambassador, aviator, writer, designer, director, video maker, engineer, entrepreneur, executive, explorer, inventor, lecturer, metal artist, newspaper columnist, officer in military, photojournalist, portrait painter, producer of motion pictures, professional sports, program planner, promoter, resume writer, sales manager, sculptor, store owner, television or theatre productions, film or literary critic

Underline Strengths:                               Originality, Pioneer, Initiator, Determination, Creative.

Circle Weak Behavior Traits To Change: Arrogant, Selfish, Egotistical, Manipulating, Dominating, Cold, No Tact, Tyranny, Antagonism, Bully

How To Handle Challenges:                        

Study About:                                            Anatomy, physical therapy, reflexology, culinary arts, complimentary therapies

Check Career Opportunities:                   answering service, arbitrator, architect, artist, auto detailer, bill collector, bookkeeper, caterer, clerk, cosmetician, custodian, daycare designer, foreign minister, gallery owner, insurance adjuster, interpreter, lawyer, legislator, librarian, minister, poet, politician,  recycler, senior citizen day care, teacher

Underline Strengths:                                Peace, Cooperation, Musical, Self-Sufficient, Reliable.

Circle Weak Behavior Traits To Change: Insincere, Petty, Indecisive, Shy,Timid,Self Pitying, Oversensitive, Deceptiveness, Cruel, Bad temper, Slyness, Lying, Pessimism

How To Handle Challenges:                        

Study About:                                             Psychology, language arts, creative writing, photography, animals

Check Career Opportunities:                  artisan, artist, athletic coach, children’s writer, copywriter, cosmetician,  dietician, director, engineer, entertainer,  judge, lawyer, magician, musician, nurse, pastor, performer, philosopher, photographer, physician, playground director, priest, racer, salesperson of cosmetics or art supplies, scout, screenwriter, travel agent, vocational school teacher, writer

Underline Strengths To Promote:           Creative, Confident, Friendly, Popular, Joy, Self-Expression, Passionate.  

Circle Weak Behavior Traits To Change: Scattered, Bored, Vain,  Dictator,  Fickle, Jealousy, Hypocrisy, Wastefulness, Intolerance, Promiscuous

How To Handle Challenges:                     

      • [_]4: BUILDER 13,22,31,40,49,58,67,76,85,94 

Study About:                                           Feng Shui (The Art of Placement), astronomy, electronics, landscaping, mechanics, computers

Check Career Opportunities:                  accountant, building trades, chemist, draftsperson, efficiency expert, engineer, executive, farmer, industrialist, laboratory technician,  machine operator, mason, mechanic, miner, numerologist, production expert, professional boxer, sculptor, seaman, technical writer, undertaker, well driller, cement mason

Underline Strengths To Promote:          Honest, Disciplined, Practical, Loyal, Stability, Hard-Worker, Conservative.

Circle Weak Behavior Traits To Change: Insensitive, Dull, Melancholy, Dogmatic, Narrow-Minded, Stubborn, Vulgar, Animalism, Hatred, Violence, Jealousy, Destructive

How To Handle Challenges:                   

      • [_] 5:   LIBERATOR14,23,32,41,50,59,68,77,86,95 

Study About:                                            World customs, import/export trade, journalism, writing, media, politics,

Check Career Opportunities:                   actor, advertising, communications, consultant, copy reader, editor, executive, graphologist, import-exporter, interpreter, investigator,detective language teacher, lecturer, marketing consultant, news columnist, news correspondent, performer, pilot, playwright, politician, private investigator, proofreader, professional sports, psychology teacher, publisher, salesperson, sex therapist, secretary, teacher, travel editor, TV/radio operator, writer

Underline Strengths To Promote:            Versatile, Spontaneous, Freedom-Loving, Communicator, Magnetic, Physical.

Circle Weak Behavior Traits To Change: Self-Indulgences related to senses, Irritable, Abusive,  Procrastinating, Inconsistent, Perversion, Abuse of Freedom, Substance Abuser: Over-Indulgence in alcohol, drugs: medications or controlled substances, sensuality

How To Handle Challenges:                      

      • [_] 6: COUNSELOR 15,24,33,42,51,60,78,87,96 

Study About:                                            Traditions. Cultural music, songs, dances, art & design, family health care

Check Career Opportunities:                  actor, artist, baker, beautician, cleaning services, designer, divorce attorney, doctor, dressmaker, fashion expert, florist, herbalist, homemaker, host or hostess, incense chemist, interior decorator, marriage counselor, musician, nurse, nutritionist, perfumer, secretarial services, senior day care, service providers, singer, teacher, theater work, therapist, tutor, voice teacher, writer

Underline Strengths To Promote:           Responsible, Harmony, Advisor, Artistic, Balanced, Home loving, Angelic.

Circle Weak Behavior Traits To Change:Self-Righteous, Jealous, Meddlesome, Anxious, Intrusive, Cynicism, Egotism, Suspicion, Jealousy, Slavery, Domestic Tyrant

How To Handle Challenges:                    

Study About:                                            Nature studies: science, oceanography, metaphysics, philosophy, photography

Check Career Opportunities:                  archeologist, astrologer, astronomer, author, biographer, careers involving research, careers involving study of nature, computer designer, dentist engineering, farmer, fine work with hands, healer, historical novelist, history, invention, investigator, lawyer, library cataloger or indexer, mathematics, photographer, preacher, private investigator, psychic , psychic reader, radiologist, researcher, specialist or analyst in any field, technical writer, technician, thoroughbred horse trainer

Underline Strengths To Promote:            Individuality, Perfection, Deep-Thinker, Analytical, Mystic, Psychic, Reserved, Secretive.

Circle Weak Behavior Traits To Change: Sarcastic, Dishonest, Procrastinator, Will not accept advice, Withdrawn, No Faith, Turbulence, Malice, Deceit, Suppression,Theft, Cheating, Crafty

How To Handle Challenges:                      

Study About:                                            Folklore, geology, criminal law, business law, philosophy

Check Career Opportunities:                    Industries, medicine, sports & government, architect, banker, broker, careers in high finances, career in power & responsibility, careers in public policy, carpenter, chemist, civil government, correctional officer, crime investigator, developer, druggist, dynamite expert, engineer, entrepreneur, exterminator, financier, firearms expert, games or sports, judge, lawyer, manufacturer, organizer, philanthropist, physician, pilot, politician, professor, publisher, security officer, supervisor, undertaker

Underline Strengths To Promote:            Authoritative, Power, Independence, Organization, Religious, Fortune, Wise.

Circle Weak Behavior Traits To Change:  Greedy, Power-Hungry, Intense, Scheming, Materialistic, Ruthless, Vain Dictator Bullying, Abuse, Revenge, Oppressiveness, Injustice, Cruelty, Unscrupulousness

How To Handle Challenges:                       

Study About:                                             Universal principles, the art of war, theatre, art, quantum physics 

Check Career Opportunities:                   life work that is more of a calling than a job. airline owner, artist, charitable endeavors of all types, chemical dependency counselor, diplomat, doctor, electrician, explorer, foreign affairs, franchise owner, gardener, healer, health, health matters, higher education, horticulturist, iron worker, landscape, lawyer, lecturer, literature, magician, musician, narcotics agent, politician, preacher, psychic, researcher, scientist, social work, spiritual healer, statesperson, surgeon, teacher, theatre owner, travel

Underline Strengths To Promote:           Courageous, Compassion, Romantic, Spiritual, Psychic, Generous, Sophisticated.

Circle Weak Behavior Traits To Change: Impulsive, Argumentative, Heartless, Unfocused, Temperamental, Wasteful, Immorality, Vulgarity, Bitterness, Morosenes

How To Handle Challenges:                    


Education is supposed to be the proper cultivation of the gifts and talents of the individual through the acquisition of knowledge. True education cultivates the person - mind, body, and spirit - by bringing us closer to fulfilling our purpose for being...

The second purpose for education, after self cultivation s to teach us how to give proper service to self, family, community ,nation and then to the world...  

When we see the curriculum as an outgrowth of self, then we can identify with the curriculum, giving us as an incentive to learn.  .. Learning is facilitated because the student identifies with the subjects. ..  When we relate the forces within self to the forces that lie outside aself, this connects us to subjects we are studying in a manner that we can ultimately master those subjects. 

"I am chemistry." not, "I am a student of chemistry." rather  "I am biology. I am economics. I am history. I am mathematics."   

When we relate the forces within self to the forces that lie outside the self, this connects us to subjects we are studying in a manner that we can ultimately master those subjects.  

Our bodies are controlled by the mind.  So mastering economics should not be as difficult with this thought in mind.  This body takes in and separates what is useful, puts it to productive use, and elminates what is wasteful.  Therefore this body is economics and since I am the master of this body, I can master economics. Excerpt TLA Pg. #47-64



By L’dia Men-Na’a, Certified Wholistic Health Educator, Accredited Positive Parenting Facilitator,
Certified Youth Mental Health First Aider (Teen Suicide Prevention) 

Phone/Text: 770-912-5800 Email: Ldiamennaa@aol.com  or 17709125800@mymetropcs.com 
1) After making your selection text and email confirmation of your receipt per family member summary charting, along with the family members following information.  
2) Full Name (1st, Middle, Last)
3) Date Of Birth: 
4) Time Of Birth: 
5) Place Of Birth: 

Socializing Our Youth Phone Consultations & Charts

For On-Site Consultation appointments  add $25.00 to minute selection


Use 3 colors for image. Write an affirmation using the 1st 3-4 words that you see in the word search puzzle.  (Double click on image to enlarge)



In order to help youngsters make appropriate decisions, it is important to understand the motivation behind pursuing roads that often lead to self-destruction:

[_] 1. Lack of parental involvement

Youth require parental and adult influences that are positive and constructive to have conversations about:

  • [_] life,
  • [_] feelings,
  • [_] thoughts,
  • [_] behaviors, and the
  • [_] future.
  • When youth have someone they can "communicate with", sharing their thoughts, feelings with, or bounce ideas with, it prepares them for peer pressure, increasing their confidence in rejecting negative social interactions, and being independent, making positive decisions own their own. Youth with adult involvement are more likely to be less problematic as adolescents and young adults.

[_] 2. Poor parenting due to strain, lack of support, or disinterest

Many parents are overworked and under-supported. Many parents, lack the "village" it takes to raise and support a child. As a result, many parents slack off or let go of their responsibilities, leaving their children to "figure things out." on their own

Children may feel left "alone" because one or both parents frequently drinks, binges, or indulgent in substance abuse. Even if a parent is physically present. Youth need to have a positive home environment geared towards motivating children to do positive things with their lives. The "positive environment" must begin with the parent(s).

[_] 3. Parental Substance abuse

Using alcohol and illicit drugs such as marijuana to prescription drugs. Substance abuse of any kind removes an individual's mind and emotions from the present environment. It is very difficult for children to be motived to do positive things when their very own parents struggle with substance abuse or alcohol addiction. Children can sense when their parent(s) are not emotionally and mentally present. This may influence a child to enter gangs for companionship and the love they cannot receive at home.

[_] 4. Negative peer influence

  • [_] Siblings,
  • [_] friends,
  • [_] strangers of the same age, and
  • [_] extended family members of the same age as the youth.

The way in which a peer handles stress, expectations, consequences, etc., has a great deal of influence on others of the same age. If a youngster decides to become oppositional, rebellious, or problematic, other youngsters are likely to follow, especially if that teens behavior has resulted in desired rewards.

[_] 5. Negative experiences with school and/or law enforcement

When children are frequently perceived as worthless, they are more likely to fail, becoming: 

  • [_] discouraged
  • [_] stops doing well in school
  • [_] stops doing homework
  • [_] stops participating in school extracurricular activities
  • [_] stops trying.

As a result, they are perceived to be failures, lazy, or inattentive. These labels reduce their self-esteem.

Law enforcement are uninformed about the behaviors of troubled youths with or without mental health problems. As a result, many  youth are taken to jail, juvenile halls, or similar places. These experiences often "push" youngsters into the arms of the first group of children who seem to like them, protect them, and share something in common. A petty crime may be viewed as a positive thing in this group. Despite the negativity of this, a youngster may see this as self-worth. 

EXCERPT: 10 Psychological Reasons Why Adolescents Enter Gangs

EXCERPT: Gangs: Reasons Youth Join, Warning Signs and Prevention Tips 

Things To Do In Atlanta


[_]  STEAM Workshop: I am pretty on purpose: Cosmetic chemistry for Black girls

ATLANTA PLANIT: During academic school year: $12.95-18.95

[_] Building Blocks: Early Learning 


[_] Family

[_] Festivals

[_] Free 







Planning For The Future

The amount of money parents spend on children, which used to peak when they were in high school, is now highest when they are under 6…” To give children opportunities for extracurricular activities, find affordable options for such at recreation centers, cultural centers, municipal sports leagues instead of traveling club teams,. Local swim teams, & school bands instead of private music lessons. Colleges and universities tend to look at these things as a marker of a child’s achievement.  Excerpt https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/25/upshot/the-relentlessness-of-modern-parenting.


"We need to do more to curb and guide the natural aggressive tendencies among young men.  In the wealthy communities the rich are able to channel the aggression of their young men into meaningful activities.  Their youth have better athletic facilities, they go to summer camps, and there are many leagues and team sports in which the young boys can participate.   The government, locally and nationally, should place some focus on providing team activities and athletic facilities in channelling the energy and aggression of our young men. This would minimize the need of some of our young males to engage in gang activitiy to exercise their manhood.  This would help reduce the hostility that seeps into the school environment and disrupts the educational process."  Excerpt TLA pg. 47-61





  • 1   A1  J10  S19  Leader
  • 2   B2  K11  T20  Diplomat
  • 3   C3  L12  U21  Motivator
  • 4   D4  M13  V22  Builder
  • 5   E5  N14  W23 Liberator
  • 6   F6  O15  X24 Counselor
  • 7   G7  P16  Y25  Scientist
  • 8   H8  Q17  Z26  Executive
  • 9   I9   R18   Humanitarian

Which occupation groups are best suited for ones Life Purpose & Destiny?
RESEARCH: Occupation, Entry-Level Education, Median Pay

Date Of Birth Traits:  __/__/____

  •  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  
  • __________________ 

Birth Name Traits:

  •  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
  • ____________________
  • [__/_]Mental: 1,8 Business  
  • [__/_]Physical: 4,5 Science   
  • [__/_]Emotional:2,3,6 Arts
  • [__/_]Intuitive:7,9 Literary
  • [__/_]Security Point: 
  • Talents/Annoying habit
  • [_,_,_]Intensity Number

Arrows Of Strength:

  • 3 in a row
  • [] 1-2-3  Plans & meets goals
  • [] 4-5-6  Will-power, ambitious
  • [] 7-8-9  Takes action, high energy
  • [] 3-6-9  High intellect & memory
  • [] 2-5-8  Sensitive & artistic
  • [] 1-4-7  Strong physical stamina
  • [] 1-5-9  Over-achievers
  • [] 3-5-7  Compassionate

Arrows Of Weakness:

  • 3 absent in row
  • [] 4-5-6  Problems within family
  • [] 7-8-9  Thinks too long
  • [] 3-6-9  Difficulty with creativity
  • [] 2-5-8  Not self-assured
  • [] 1-4-7  Weak physical stamina
  • [] 1-5-9  Lacking of purpose
  • [] 3-5-7  Nervousness

Missing/Recessive Numbers: An indication of requiring support in personal development:[_,_,_,_] in these areas:  

  • [] 1: Work on being more assertive. 
  • [] 2: Be more sensitive & supportive.
  • [] 3: Avoid measuring yourself against others. 
  • [] 4: Overcome impatience & intolerance.  
  • [] 5: Learn how to relax and have fun.
  • [] 6: Develop manners, & social graces.
  • [] 7: Develop poise, dignity & pride in self.
  • [] 8: Learn how to save a dollar. 
  • [] 9:  Recognize the universality & the best in all people.



[] 1 Leadership, Pioneer, make the old new. Finish what you start with the right use of your will power. 

  • Books: invention, pioneers, writing, architecture
  • Keys: Sports, gardening, construction, healing, music 

[] 2 Diplomacy, understanding, aware of others. Don't waste energy waiting for help from others. 

  • Books: Anatomy, reflexology, culinary arts  
  • Keys: Alternative & complementary medicine

[] 3 Motivating others, sociable, optimistic. Rise as far as your imagination can take you. 

  • Books: Dreams, psychology, language arts, animals
  • Keys: Social interaction within community shedding light

[] 4 Conservative, determined, problem solver. Internalize universal principles & values. 

  • Books: Feng Shui, landscape, electronics, astronomy
  • Keys: Advising, organizing, mechanic

[] 5 Outgoing,unpredictable, communicator. Be responsible, guard against impulsiveness. 

  • Books: Import & export, cultures & world customs, journalism
  • Keys: writing, acting, music, politics, media

[] 6 Supportive, responsibilities for community. Organize, avoid rushing through projects. 

  • Books: Traditions, cultural songs/dances, family health care, nutrition
  • Keys: healing service to family & community, designer

[] Charming, dignified, finding purpose. Evaluate time and labor before accepting projects. 

  • Books: Science: oceanography, metaphysics, religions, poetry
  • Keys: technical, psychological, & spiritual problem solving   

[] In charge, fact finding, decision making. Be sensitive, respect boundaries & keep order.   

  • Books: Folklore, geology, criminal laws, business law, philosophy
  • Keys: service for higher purpose, financial executive power

[] 9 Courageous, leader, dreamer, dramatic. Control impulsiveness, look before leaping. 

  • Books:   The art of war,  world events, universal  principles, quantum physics, theatre 
  • Keys: making the world better with fortunes, creative arts


FYI:  01/09/2019:



A quickstart guide to determining eligibility, locating and enrolling a child in Georgia's Pre-K and answers to commonly asked questions regarding the program. Georgia’s Pre-K Program is a state lottery funded educational program for all age eligible four-year-old children in Georgia.

  • Summary: Learn how to determine if a child is eligible for Pre-K and how to locate a Pre-K location. Also find answers to commonly asked questions about Georgia's Pre-K Program.
  • Applies to: Georgia's Pre-K Program, Families, Children, Enrollment, Provider Search, Lunches, Learning Activities, Field Trips, Special Needs
  • Proof that a child is age eligible and is a Georgia resident is required to register for Pre-K. Acceptable proof-of-age includes:
  • [_] birth certificate,
  • [_] passport,
  • [_] hospital record of live birth,
  • [_] green card,
  • [_] pink card or
  • [_] Federal I-94 card.
  • Order a birth certificate online directly from Georgia’s State Office of Vital Records using Official Vital Event Records (ROVER). Acceptable proof-of-residency includes:
  • [_] a lease,
  • [_] utility bill or
  • [_] letter from a shelter or employer.

Eligible for Georgia's Pre-K Program?

To participate, children must be four years of age on or before September 1 of the school year and must be a resident of Georgia. If a child is not served as a four year old, then the child may be eligible to attend the Pre-K Program as a five year old. However, programs may choose to deny enrollment into their Pre-K program children who are age eligible for kindergarten. Parents should check the enrollment policies of local programs before enrolling their child. If enrolled, parents of children who are five years of age on September 1

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