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"Fathers are teachers too. To be a father is more than to beget a child; it is to go on giving life by helping his child achieve fulfillment. It is to love, shape, guide, and provide support for his offspring. It is to pass on the wisdom with which his own experience has blessed him without fettering the spirit of the miracle he has helped usher into this world." Raymond Davis, Berkeley, CA

Black fathers: Still valuable, still needed

Being a father is difficult. And for a Black man in America, it’s twice as hard due to multiple challenges including disproportionately high incarceration rates and massive joblessness. But Black fatherhood isn’t based solely on how much money men give women or child support checks they pay through the courts, family advocates say. It’s knowing Black men still matter and are vital in the lives of their children, families and communities despite the challenges they face. “I feel that Black fathers have a lot more responsibility than we give them credit for. There are some Black fathers who not only take care of their children, but they take care of their girlfriends’ children, their step-children, or their nieces and nephews as well,” said Katrina Akande, a doctoral candidate at the University of Kentucky.

She is studying Black fathers whose children don’t live with them but instead of referring to themselves as “non-custodial” fathers as the system does, they prefer the lingo “24/7,” she said. They feel society’s saying they don’t take care of their children, but they do, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, she elaborated. There are Black men present and making a difference for their families, whether free and financially stable with one or two children, 60-years-old and raising infants, adolescents, grandchildren, taking care of an aging mother, or incarcerated, she said.

Dr. Thomas Gordon, a clinical psychologist, said the question is how did things spiral down and how do Black men find their way back to their children? Inspired and then attending the historic 1995 Million Man March with his two sons, Dr. Gordon developed the Black Fatherhood Challenge, an online effort to help Black men adopt better fatherhood practices. It includes a 90-day challenge, set to launch on June 17, 2012, Fathers’ Day and will invite Muslims, Christians and people who don’t identify with religion to share their expertise online in areas such as medicine, health, and economics. The goal is to get fathers the advice they need to succeed. “God has the power to make you successful despite the intensity of your opposition,” MLF stated June 10 on Twitter. He tweeted to his more than 54,000 followers: “Every day should be a day that you honor mother. Every day should be a day that we honor father.

The words in the Lord’s Prayer tell you what a real father is and what a real father does. Read it and you will see exactly what I am referring to.” His tweets were the latest in volumes of written and recorded guidance given to Black males regarding manhood, marriage and fatherhood. During the historic Million Man March Pledge on the Washington, D.C. Mall in 1995, two million Black men physically there and those watching at home to take a life-altering pledge to be better men, brothers, husbands, and fathers.


  • Vibrational Energy Character Assessment
  • Moon Soul Journaling: 13 Months & 28 day cycles (including 40 weeks) for creating peace, harmony, & well being.
  • Vision Board: Recognition/Acceptance of one's natural gifts and talents to develop
  • Aromatherapy for masculine energy: male herbal remedies, homeopathy, musictherapy,
  • Meditation, foot reflexology massage
  • Building, Protecting & Providing raising the family to a higher vibrational energy.
  • Creating A Vision Board

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Helping A Child Find Their Place The job of a mother is to help their child find a place. “A place where they can hang their hat” It has to be a true skill and of value. There has to be a real relationship with a youth in order to help guide them to find this place. Their skill (aptitude) and interest must cross (intersect) this is where success will bloom like a flower.

Through the formative years, mother is the center of a child’s world. Generally from conception to about 10 years old, she has the greatest influence. When a child sees mother practicing universal principles and laws, that child will strive to absorb those principles through watching & experiencing.

  • [_] Self discipline
  • [_] meditation
  • [_] prayer
  • [_] wholistic health to relieve: tension, anxiety, stress, or anger

This teaches a child to learn to create a balance within themselves.

Natural instincts of mother is to develop in her child:

  • [_] intuition
  • [_] hidden potentials
  • [_] introspection
  • [_] awareness
  • [_] creativity
  • [_] spirituality

A mother is to advance a child’s way of thinking according to the way each child has been created. This will encourage self-discovery while at the same time giving each child the proper discipline. When mothers are the proper guides, each child learns how to use their powers to build instead of destroy.


Children look up to their fathers for a feeling of completeness. Father builds the mental mind of the child and his or her personality. Children who see their father being an example of:

  • [_] strength
  • [_] courageousness
  • [_] daringness
  • [_] patience
  • [_] diplomacy in handling problems

They see their father’s as a hero. It teaches them that they too have those same qualities. When a child knows of their father as an example of providing a service in the community without expectations, this encourages the child to serve greater needs in the future without seeking one’s own self-interests. A father is a hero to his child. The image of father develops a psychologically healthy child because to a young boy or girl their father does heroic deeds in their eyes.

Natural instincts of father is develop in his child:

  • [_] foundation of self-respect
  • [_] confidence
  • [_] identity
  • [_] climbing higher heights
  • [_] to reach out and accomplish tasks

A father is to support a child to help them translate their emotions, intuitions, visions, and impressions into patterns that can turn ideas into a reality.

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  • 1 Collaborating, Intellect:
  • [_]Father: Respect & originality encouraged, set high standards for excellence.
  • 2 Diplomatic Service:
  • [_]Father: Support research projects. Encourages youth to pursue their own interests
  • 3 Public Relations:
  • [_]Father: Your guidance is to encourage youth’s artistic & musical talents
  • 4 Planning & Organizing:
  • [_]Father: Live by rules, teach responsibility involving lessons in courage/survival
  • 5 Change & Excitement:
  • [_]Father: Chosen to give the freedom to take chances for growth/development
  • 6 Comfort for family, community:
  • [_]Father: Provide examples of respect, thoughtfulness, manners, warmth, generosity
  • 7 Spirituality & Intuitiveness:
  • [_]Father: Teach use of tools & care of possession by mending instead of replacing
  • 8 Financial Institutions:
  • [_]Father: Pick certain activities or sports according to youth’s physical talents
  • 9: Humanitarian pursuits:
  • [_]Father: Educate your child on how to successfully appeal to all for success

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