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"HEAVEN LIES AT THE FOOT OF MOTHER" In the womb we start as sperm mixed with ovum, then a clot, an embryo, then a fetus. Who is nurturing? The mother is. Her nurturing does not stop when the child comes to birth. She nurtures it from her breast. She nurtures it from her lips. She nurtures it from the warmth of her body. She does not sleep unconscious of the new life. She is not only its nurturer, but, she is its natural protector from the force of death that would kill the new life. She is the first nurse. She is the first teacher. She is Rabb. Rabb means Lord. Rabb means Nurturer. Rabb means Cherisher. Rabb means Evolver. She is all of that. Who is your mother? She is your guide. How can she guide if she does not know? It is in her nature to guide the new life that she has brought onto the planet, which is the furtherance of you and me as men and women. You cannot further yourself; it starts with her.

Young females that are not yet mothers, you will one day be a mother. You should be preparing now by filling your head with the right kind of knowledge that you can impart to that which you will bring forth onto this planet. A foundation is that upon which we build. The Earth is a foundation out of which we come. The woman is the foundation upon which civilization is built. We do not judge the degree of civilization of the people by a man. The wise always look at your woman. By looking at your woman, they can tell how highly civilized you are or how uncivilized you are because she is the reflection of your degree of civilization. MLF

Ancient Queen Mothers & Their Contributions To Society
Mothers Today: Goals and Plans To Improve Current Society






"Mother is such a divine word. The experience of mother is the experience of being a god in the lives of your children.  It means much more than the well-known physical process of pregnancy, birth and nurturing (though many Black women have lost even this basic natural instinct to properly care for their own children).  It embraces the awareness of the real value of your body - - the most elegant possession we have on the physical plane -...  Excerpt: Ava Muhammad, Attorney

Auset (Isis): Mother of Heru (Horus) 
This version of Auset and Heru would become the model for Mary and Jesus throughout the Christian world. (Photo and Information courtesy of Man, God and Civilization and Egyptian Mythology). The African concept of Auset and Heru remained in early depictions of Mary and Jesus. Black Madonna and child reigned throughout Europe for centuries. The Church of Notre Dame at Paris is said to have been built originally on a Temple of Isis (Auset). On one of its walls the sign of the zodiac, Virgo (Auset), is now said to be replaced with the figure of the ChristianMadonna and Child. Today these Black paintings, statues, and symbols are most worshipped in Central and Eastern Europe as Mary and Jesus.

Bathsheba: Mother of Solomon
When Bathsheba came before her son Solomon, the king showed his love and respect for his mother. Solomon rose from his throne to meet his mother, bowed down to her; then sat on his throne and had his servants bring a throne for his mother who sat on his right hand, a sign of her status, power, and authority as the queen mother (1 Kings 2:19)."we must salute Bathsheba, a wise mother and skillful strategist who was successful in helping her son achieve his goals in life. Although Bathsheba had to live with:

  • the man who murdered her husband,
  • although she had to grieve the loss of a child,
  • although she was put aside in her old age for a younger woman

Bathsheba was able to overcome these tragedies and achieve a position in life where she was able to help her son and make a significant contribution to the political life in her son’s government".

Hannah: Mother of Samuel 

Hoelun: Mother of Genghis Khan
"Temujin (Genghis Khan) learned from these early experiences; his mother’s:

  • fortitude,
  • determination,
  • stubborn endurance

no doubt helped shape his character. The man history knows as Genghis Khan grew up to defy the strict caste structure of the steppes, unite many of the nomadic tribes of Northeast Asia, and found an empire that conquered most of Eurasia. According to Jack Weatherford’s book Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World (Broadway Books, 2005), Genghis Khan’s willingness to adopt and combine systems from the populations he conquered laid the foundations for a global culture that bears his imprint. The original Mongol Empire, with its emphasis on free commerce, open communication, religious coexistence, and diplomatic immunity, helped shape the world we know today".

Aahemes-Nefetari: Mother of Aahmes, Amenhotep

Hatshepsut: Mother of Nefrure

Maryam: Mother of Isa (Jesus)

Nandi: Mother of Shaka
"...she was one of the greatest single parents who ever lived. When confronted by:

  • animosity,
  • rejection,
  • insults, 
  • humiliation,

she nevertheless raised her son (Shaka) the best way she could --- never to give up on life ---to have strength of will, and to believe in his destiny. She raised him to believe in the power of unity, and in the concept of “We are the same”. Nandi devoted her life to her son and his siblings, protecting them the best she knew how, seeking refuge, and later finding him the best mentors in Dingiswayo and Ngomane, amongst others."
"Because women are about more than merely giving birth and raising children, Nandi is not only important because she gave birth to the great leader, Shaka, but because of her strong will, resilience, and her setting an example to millions of women not to settle for less."

Tiye: Mother of Akhenaten & Tutankhamen (Tut)


  • Vibrational Energy Character Assessment
  • Moon Soul Journaling: 13 Months & 28 day cycles (including 40 weeks) for creating peace, harmony, & well being.
  • Vision Board: Recognition/Acceptance of Sacred Motherhood past, present, and future.
  • Aromatherapy for feminine energy: women herbal remedies, homeopathy, musictherapy,
  • Meditation, foot reflexology massage.

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Helping A Child Find Their Place The job of a mother is to help their child find a place. “A place where they can hang their hat” It has to be a true skill and of value. There has to be a real relationship with a youth in order to help guide them to find this place. Their skill (aptitude) and interest must cross (intersect) this is where success will bloom like a flower.

Through the formative years, mother is the center of a child’s world. Generally from conception to about 10 years old, she has the greatest influence. When a child sees mother practicing universal principles and laws, that child will strive to absorb those principles through watching & experiencing.

  • [_] Self discipline
  • [_] meditation
  • [_] prayer
  • [_] wholistic health to relieve: tension, anxiety, stress, or anger

This teaches a child to learn to create a balance within themselves.

Natural instincts of mother is to develop in her child:

  • [_] intuition
  • [_] hidden potentials
  • [_] introspection
  • [_] awareness
  • [_] creativity
  • [_] spirituality

A mother is to advance a child’s way of thinking according to the way each child has been created. This will encourage self-discovery while at the same time giving each child the proper discipline. When mothers are the proper guides, each child learns how to use their powers to build instead of destroy.


Children look up to their fathers for a feeling of completeness. Father builds the mental mind of the child and his or her personality. Children who see their father being an example of:

  • [_] strength
  • [_] courageousness
  • [_] daringness
  • [_] patience
  • [_] diplomacy in handling problems

They see their father’s as a hero. It teaches them that they too have those same qualities. When a child knows of their father as an example of providing a service in the community without expectations, this encourages the child to serve greater needs in the future without seeking one’s own self-interests. A father is a hero to his child. The image of father develops a psychologically healthy child because to a young boy or girl their father does heroic deeds in their eyes.

Natural instincts of father is develop in his child:

  • [_] foundation of self-respect
  • [_] confidence
  • [_] identity
  • [_] climbing higher heights
  • [_] to reach out and accomplish tasks

A father is to support a child to help them translate their emotions, intuitions, visions, and impressions into patterns that can turn ideas into a reality.

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