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Stress Relief, Anger Management,
Avoid Conflict With Positive Affirmations

HWR Life Path Awakening For Knowledge Of Self


The subtle body which surrounds us is known as the aura or electromagnetic field.  The aura is madeup of six layers which interpenetrate each other and our physical body.  Each of these contain energy centers called Chakras or wheels.  The Chakra radiates colors, which fill the aura with the changing rainbow of colors.  The colors that radiate from our body becomes dingy, murky, or vibrant depending on our physical or emotional health.  The rainbow is an arc of color caused by refraction and internal reflection of light in raindrops, causing the breaking up of the white light into the 8 colors of the spectrum.  The degrees of color varies depending on the size of the raindrops.  Colors evoke inner feelings and play a very important role inour lives.

[__] 5g Freedom & Discipline:              14,23,32,41,50,59,68,77,86,95 . 
BLUE: THROAT Either/Hearing Respiratory System, bronchial tubes, colds, ear, neck, esophagus, jaw, teething, throat/mouth, thyroid, trachea, upper lungs
[_] Blue: Soothing cooling, sedating, brings peace and relaxation. Calming irritability. Creativity. This color encourages the seeking of wisdom. It helps to bring the spirit of truth through expressions. Overstimulated: Emotionally unbalanced, ruthless, impatient, irresponsible, arrogant, sarcastic, over indulges in constant searches for pleasure and stimulation. Under-stimulated: Weak, lethargic, apathetic, lazy, self-indulgent, devious, unreliable, mental dullness, inability to see clearly, impractical, mental stress. 

[_] Turquoise/Teal/Peacock/Emerald: brings hope, optimism, believing and full of faith in oneself and others. Promotes independence. Brings inner calmness, artistic talents. Prevents emotional drainage. It represents calm, introspective, quiet, self-reliant, self-possessed, truthful to self, following own ideals, involved in spiritual groups. Maintains spiritual practices reducing emotional stress. Protects from outside interferences. Over-stimulated: Deceived about self indecisive, undependable, boastful, narcissistic. Under-stimulated: Reserved, indecisive, lack of hope, lack of faith, feelings of bewilderment, feeling mentally stressed. Good for: Strengthening immune system,infections, septic conditions, viruses.

Stress relief: Pace yourself. Crossword, puzzles, travel, swim, calligraphy.
Manage Anger: Work it off. Walk, run, any pleasurable physical exercise
Avoid Conflict: Have a plan, maintain balance through truthful communication without compromising integrity.

  • [_] 5 Agate: Stabilizes aura
  • [_] 5 Agate Blue Lace: Helps to enter higher frequencies of awareness. As opportunities present themselves to me, I recognize the benefits of Divine timing.
  • [_] 1 Aquamarine: Intellectual reasoning. I am able to identify my feelings & resolve unsettling emotions.  I enjoy a sense of balance.
  • [_] 5 Chrysocola: Renewal of strength.  Through meditation and regular exercise I regenerate my body and rejuvenate harmoniously into balance.
  • [_] 4 Kyanite: Dispels confusion, anger & frustration. I live my life harmoniously, and energy flows.
  • [_] 6,7 Labradorite: Advancing through cycles
  • [_] 1 Turquoise: Brings peace of mind, improving meditation. Helps to regenerate and increase energy flow. Protection from spiritual pollutants. Wisdom comes from various Divine Inspirations.  and activates my creativity.  Culture & philosophy gives me insights.

[__] 4 f Stability & Process:               4,13,22,31,40,49,58,67,76,85,94
GREEN/PINK: HEART Air/Touch Circulatory System, bood circulation, colitis, detoxification, diarrhea, eye, high blood pressure, heart, lung, pituitary, skin, thoracic cavity,
[_] Green: Regeneration, maintaining balance. detoxifies & enhances your health, improves stamina, heals panic, fear, apprehensions, & relieves stress and tension. Counteracts emotional stress with clearer insight.

[_] Apple: Motivates new interests, stimulating new opportunities

Over-stimulated: Suspicious, greedy, difficulties in handling change, problems in trying anything new or different, possessive, controlling, moody, extremely stubborn or rigid, cruel. Under-stimulated: Envious of the success of others, afraid to attempt anything, petty mindedness, overly sympathetic, a constant need to give to others, emotional confusion, lack of clear insight or understanding, lack of emotional stability, lack of self-motivation. Do not wear much green during pregnancy. Use pink instead.
Stress relief: Break up fixed patterns, mental stress. Address devotion & self abandonment. Chess,museum, concert,electronic, garden, sculpting
Manage Anger: Identify possible solutions. Resolve issue, reschedule
Avoid Conflict: Implement ideas for joint objectives. Initiate plans for future, organize/produce. Have compassion, understanding, & forgiveness.

  • [_] 1 Agate Green Moss: Helps to improve self-esteem & efficacy in pursuits. Improves growth & communication between plant & mineral worlds. I balance with essential oils & herbs spending time with Mother Nature to balance all aspects of my life.
  • [_] 5 Amazonite: Dispels irritating & negative energies soothing nerves of worries & fears. Helps to manifest the energy of universal love. I surround myself with those who are not affraid of living in the truth and honestly communicating, as I speak what is on my mind with ease.
  • [_] 4 Apophyllite: Allows one to recognize and act upon truth. Provides access to the records of past experiences to reflect and gaze upon in order to recognize ones current behavior/attitudes encouraging correction of deficiencies.  I accept myself without judgment. I enjoy my mental clarity and insightfulness.
  • [_] 3 Aventurine: Amplifies leadership qualities. Reinforces ones decisiveness. Enhances creativity. I have many blessings in my life, I am grateful for these gifts.
  • [_] 22 Coral: Mystic mastery of self
  • [_] 4 Emerald: Sensitivity, loyalty, appreciation, prosperity. I am fortunate that all of my business pursuits will be successful.
  • [_] 11 Jade: Show gratitude. Inspires ambitions, devotion to purpose towards accomplishments of objectives. Limitless achievement. I am healthy, happy, prosperous. I am grateful for & enjoy all of the gifts that come into my life.   
  • [_] 4,7 Rose quartz: Reinstates self-lofe after crisis
  • [_] 9 Unakite: Embrace emotions, nurture oneself, release blockages inhibiting one’s growth. I nuture myself with healthy foods. I explore techniques for coping with emotional upsets so that I can absorb all that occurs with ease.

 [__] 3e Expression & Sensitivity:       3,12,21,30,48,57,66,75,84,93  
YELLOW: SOLAR PLEXUS Fire/Sight Autonomic Nervous/Digestive System, abdomen, arthritis, constipation, depression, diabetes, gallbladder, hepatitis, hypoglycemia, liver, back, spleen, rheumatism, stomach, ulcers, skin
[_] Yellow encourages laughter, releases toxins, & balances and heals depression. Good for mental depression. Energizes, warming, stimulating, deterring fears. Over-stimulated: Critical, hasty, cynical, superficial, failing to complete projects, scattering energy, lying, highly erratic, workaholic, overly demanding, living in the imagination. Under-stimulated: Whining, criticizing, gossiping, lack of confidence, feeling a loss of control over life, despair, depression, lack of open communication, feelings of limitations, feeling threatened by other's criticism, not living up to one's own expectations.
Stress relief:
Ease tension/feeling strain nerves, Neuromuscular. Jewelry, music, paint, storytelling, travel, photography.
Manage Anger: Practice relaxation skills. Breathe, write in journal,
Avoid Conflict: Open communication is vital. Share experiences, express joy

  • [_] 3 Amber: Transmute negative into positive energy. Used in the art of manifestation. Unconditional love Renewal of vows & promises. I set boundaries with love and grace in order to make positive changes.
  • [_] 6 Citrine: Maintains states of wealth with mental focus and endurance, penetrates problems.
  • [_] 3 Pyrite: Keeps out pollutant vibrations. I have limitless potential.  I earn unlimited income doing what I love.
  • [_] 4 Tiger's Eye: Organizes. Disciplines scatter. I am happy for the success and good fortune of others.
  • [_] 9 Topaz Golden: Attracts friendship/business

[__] 2d Cooperation & Balance:         11,20,29,38,47,56,65,74,83,92
ORANGE: SACRAL Water/Taste Excretory/Reproductive System, addictions, bladder, broken bones, frigidity, impotency, kidneys, backache, lymph, menstrual cramps, pelvic girdle, gastric juice
[_] Orange/Rust: Balances confusion, self organization, motivation.  Deters weakness and exhaustion. Creates optimism & heals grief, breaking down barriers, moves through adversities. Seeks new challenges then achieves goals. Increases immunity, and sexual potency. Over-stimulated: Gloomy, freeloading, overly self-indulgent, manipulative, deceptive, recklessness. Under-stimulated: Timid, uncertainty regarding personal direction, lack of motivation, not achieving. Caution: Avoid when hyperactive, alcoholism

[_] Brown: Provides stability from inconsistent actions, protects against insecurities.
Stress relief: Harmonize organs. Tension obstructs immune system. Cook, dance, swim, sail, paint.
Manage Anger: Once calm express anger. Be assertive not aggressive
Avoid Conflict: Patience, & understanding of non-verbal communications, avoiding power struggles.

  • [_] 8 Calcite Orange:Trust in the process of change, honor feelings. I embrace the changes occuring in my life. I recognize that all changes bring better life situations. I am grateful that the energy flowing through me is in balance.
  • [_] 5,6 Carnelian: Personal power, imagination & compassion. Banish sorrow. My creative ideas are the keys to my sucess.
  • [_] 22 Coral: Mystic mastery of self
  • [_] 2 Iron: Implement new ideas
  • [_] 4 Moonstone: Acknowledge destiny

[__] 1c Creativity & Confidence:       10,19,28,37,46,55,64,73,82,91
RED: ROOT Earth/Smell, energy circulation/physical well being
[_] Red gives energy, emotional stimulation, enthusiasm, passion, restores vitality. Stimulates Life Force power, deterring fear.  Restores endurance. Positive progress & accomplishments. Over-stimulated: Brutal, harsh, self-centered, aggressive, rapid mood changes, addicted to money, sex. Under-stimulated: Apathetic approach to life, lethargic no energy, little interest in sex or entertainment. Caution: Avoid the color red when Coronary (heart) disease, during labor & childbirth. Use green.

[_] Peach/Apricot/Coral/Salmon: Expressing self, protects from energy loss

[_] Mauve/Rose/Beige: Reduces stressful worrying, relaxing mind, soothing balancing.  Soothing love lost 

[_] Maroon/Burgundy/Cranberry: Protects from outside intrusions.  Wards off stresses.  Stimulates relationship

[_] Black:  Encourages self-control, strength of convictions. Protects against emotional sensitivity 

Stress relief:  Write, photography, horseback riding.
Manage Anger: A moment of clarity. Collect thoughts before talking
Avoid Conflict: Respect another’s freedom.

  • [_] 6 Apache Tear: Comforts in times of grief or sorrow, allowing for understanding, insight, and acceptance. Promotes a forgiving attitude releasing grievances held against another. I allow myself to feel my feelings and release pent up emotions.  I am able to let go.  I am at peace.
  • [_] 4,6 Bloodstone: Acceptance of change BodyWork: Improve energy flow & blood circulation.
  • [_]    Brass:  Good for skeletal problems, eliminates toxins in the body
  • [_] 1 Copper: Identifies barriers which are in the path of ones development. Used to amplify & transmit thought, conducting electrical impulses in order to magnify energy transfer from healer to subject of healing. Antibacterial, heals inflammation & joint pain. Good for headaches, highblood pressure, and insomnia. Used with brass & iron to balance and maintain stability & wellness within the blood & cellular structure.
  • [_] 22 Coral Red: Expedites transfer of knowledge.Diplomacy
  • [_] 2 Garnet: Patient manifestation
  • [_] 8 Hazel woodite: Positive memories
  • [_] 9 Hematite: Helps one to sort things out helping to realize that the only limitations are those self-limiting concepts.  Allow excess energy & thoughts to drain away. Balancing yin/yang. I am love, and all that surrounds me is love.
  • [_] 6 Jasper Red: Eliminates procrastination. Safe travel. I am motivated to accomplish all that needs to be done.
  • [_] 4 Lead: Group advancement
  • [_] 6 Marble: Meditate, dream recall
  • [_] 1 Obsidian: Shielding, stabilizes energy. I see myself, situations & others clearly & participate in the transformation of negative to a positive. I am focused and stay on track until a situation is settled or complete.
  • [_] 6 Onyx: Alignment, self control
  • [_] 3 Ruby: Shields, discourages violence
  • [_] 3,4 Tourmaline Black: Protects against being victimized by another. I see the originating source of negative energies. I surround myself with people I trust, in a sphere of Divine protection.


Love Is In The Earth A Kaleidoscope Of Crystals By Melody
Angel Gemstone By Margaret An Lembo & Victoria Rose Martin



[__] 9c(hi) Integrity & Wisdom: 18,27,36,45,54,63,72,81,90,99 .
GOLD/BRONZE Bones, diabetes, hormones, hypoglycemia
[_]Bronze/Brown Self-rewarding, motivating high ideals. Promotes personal security and self worth, strengthening, protecting. Receives energy from the earth. Over-stimulated: Under-stimulated: Underestimates your own capabilities, puts others ahead of self, easily hurt, allows others to take advantage of your good nature, emotional insecurity, lack of physical stamina, uncertain about future, fear of survival, feeling consumed by worries, guilt or fears others having control over self.
[_] Gold: Will and determination, counteracts loss. Material security. Satisfaction from successful accomplishments and/or high attainments and goals. Courage, confidence, increase of personal power. Maintain positive thinking & healthy application. Increase My material success. Motivate high ideals. Stimulate a Desire for self-reward. Enhance My feelings of security. Underestimulated: Cynical, mistrusting, obstructive Turns inward to attack self when dreams are shattered, feelings of victimization, fear of success
Stress relief: Restore wellbeing, Release fear, Outdoor sports, acrobats, traveling, carpentry, horseback riding,
Manage Anger: Don’t hold grudges. Forgiveness, think positive thoughts
Avoid Conflict: Resist impulsiveness & arguments, maintain fairness, be genuinely interested.

  • [_] 1 Bronzite: Decisions/resolution Bodywork: 3x weekly to balance overstimulation, headaches
  • [_] 1 Copper: Recognize the barriers which are in the path of one's own development, stimulates optimism.
  • [_] 2 Gold: Positive thinking, high ideals, calms anger/stress
  • [_] 8 Opal: Releases inhibition
  • [_] 3 Pyrite: Helps one to understand that each portion of the universe maintains an inherent perfection
  • [_] 4,7 Quartz (clear): Clarity of thoughts. I have a greater understanding of what is required of me as I am focused in every action that I take.

[__] 8c(hi) Abundance & Power: 17,26,35,44,53,62,71,80,98
WHITE/PINK Bones, large intestines, liver, lungs
[_] Pink: Nurtures self. Cares and nurtures the people you love. Relaxes mental tension. Over-stimulated: Overburdened with responsibilities. Under-stimulated: Feeling dependent on others, unable to say "no". Feeling over-burdened by outside dependencies, having trouble turning other people down, timid, scared to take risks, lack of self-acceptance, unable to love or nurture others, insensitive to one's own needs, emotional traumas.
[_] White:  New ideas, creative insights, a simplified lifestyle, and more time for self. Relaxes tension, releases overburdening. Wisdom from the ancients, comprehending one’s purpose. Counteract negative thinking. Communicate an individualistic image. Reduce My muscular tension. Be open to new ideas. Thinking only of my own needs. Feel lonely & unloved, need for extra spiritual protection, detached.

[_] Gray/Charcoal: Counteracts overinvolvement

Stress relief: Relieve anxieties, open air morning walks. Pottery, nature antiques, skiing, religious studies, folklore, collecting rocks
Manage Anger: Humor to release tension. Lighten up, avoid sarcasm
Avoid Conflicts: Be fair, resist being destructive by pulling in different directions.

  • [_] 8 Calcite Pink: Appreciation for the creative forces of nature teaching awareness of the arts and sciences. Kind-heartedness brings about better life situations.  Compassion is amplified within myself and for others. As I remember what it's like being in a state of sweet perfection. 
  • [_] 33 Diamond: Strength/Endurance BodyWork: For mental relaxation, relieves headaches.
  • [_] 2 Howlite: Facilitates awareness with the power of reasoning, patience, & tactfullness to encourage emotional expression while dispeling criticalness. I am fluid like water, maintaining health, detoxifying my body, mind, and emotions.  
  • [_] 4 Moonstone: Confidence & composure. Speak truth. I validate my feelings and receive intruitive wisdom aligning myself with the phases of the moon & the natural cycles of life.
  • [_] 4,44 Rhodochrosite: Accept/integrate “new” information, balancing love
  • [_] 4,7 Rose quartz: Reinstates self-love after crises. I am opening my heart to those who are important to me, as I am grateful for their presence in my life. I am safe to be lovingly powerful.  I have the courage to be all I can be.
  • [_] 8 Selenite: Listen to the ancient wisdom. I am hearing with a deeper connection. Aligning my spine, bones, & tendons. Every cell, muscle, & nerve is filled with Divine Love & Light.
  • [_] 4 Silver: Popularity, speeches

[__] 7b Trust & Openness: 16,25,34,43,52, 61, 70, 88, 97
PURPLE CROWN Immune System, addiction, inflammation, insomnia, nervous disorders, eyes, head
[_] Purple/Violet: calms erratic emotional behavior as it heals, energizing mind. Sexual inhibitor, drunkenness inhibitor. It provides a vibration of harmony with spiritual & physical natures. Regal, reduces outside pressures as it encourages honoring of onr'd intuitive feelings, making more time for listening. Over-stimulated: Frustrated, destructive, treachery, belligerent, merciless, snobbish, depressed living in a dream world, unable to separate dream world from reality resulting in difficulty relating to others, condemning others who do not measure up to your standards of perfection, an air of superiority. Under-stimulated: Introspective, withdrawn, lack of joy in life, proud, arrogant, aloof, condescending attitude, feeling of inferiority, lack of inner peace, guilt feelings, worry over imaginary problems, feeling imposed upon by others' belief systems or rules.  Feelings of depression can be related to an overdose of purple. Replace an overdose of purple with the color gold. For children: Use lighter shades of purple such as lavender, lilac and only for short periods of time.
Stress relief: Eliminate toxins walking by water, fountains. Nature studies, science, painting, writing, puzzles, photography. meditation
Manage Anger: Take time out. Take a few moments of quiet time alone.
Avoid Conflicts: Develop skills with sensing & discerning subtle energies, express your emotions & thoughts

  • [_] 5 Alexandrite: Appreciation of life BodyWork: Helps with feelings of despondency, stress, mental aggravation
  • [_] 3 Amythyst: Spiritual contentment
  • [_] 2,77 Fluorite: Brings rationality, assists communication, brings order to chaos
  • [_] 7 Pearls: Strengthens guidance, truth & loyalty, personal integrity
  • [_] 7 Platinum: Facilitates non-judgment
  • [_] 4,7 Rose quartz: Reinstates self-love after crises. I am opening my heart to those who are important to me, as I am grateful for their presence in my life.

[__] 6a Vision & Acceptance:                 15,24,33,42,51,60,78,87,96
INDIGO 3RD EYE All Senses ESP Central Nervous System, cerebellum, ears, eyes, leg spasms, migraine, nose, thyroid
[_] Indigo:  Puts structure in ones life and heals insecurities, addressing pain. Prevents fatigue, and protects emotions. Over-stimulated: Proud, authoritative, meddlesome, busybody, creating chaos, fanatical, obsessed, demanding, puritanical, finding it impossible to help self or others. Under-stimulated: Withdrawal from life, non-assertive, refuses to take on or handle any responsibilities, forgetful, careless with details, intolerant, disapproving, fear of the unknown, identity crisis, fear of traveling.&nbsp
Stress relief: Deep breathing balance chakras. Cook, ceramics, all types ball games, jogging, dance.
Manage Anger: Use “I” statements. Avoid criticizing, blaming, use respect
Avoid Conflict: Focus on learning to express love through negotiation & compromise, having a new perspective on life.

  • [_] 6,7   Labradorite: Understand destiny eliminate disturbed mind
  • [_] 3,33 Lapis Lazuli: Remain objective. Organizing ones life, clarity.  Dream guidance
  • [_] 4 Sodalite: Use to dispel turbulence. Calms. Solidarity, trust, commonality. Visualization, meditation, & aromatherapy nurtures and calms me to good health.
  • [_] 2 Flourite: Shiatsu for circulation, upper respiratory system. I enjoy researching & learning new things. I am smart enough to realize that I can always discover new information. I am intelligent and have the ability to focus.


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