Healthy Nutritional Balance Assessment

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"Low birthweights and the resulting infant mortality could be prevented if prospective mothers adopted better eating habits and better lifestyles and were diligent about prenatal care." TLA

CONTROL YOUR PREGNANCY Video By Dr. Oz  "We Can Control What Genes Get Turned On Or Off" "You could have the power to ensure sure that your future children are healthy from the moment you conceive."
SOUL SURFING Video: Memories may be passed down through DNA 
When You Teach A Woman You Teach A Nation Prebirth Parenting, Prenatal Care, Vision Parenting Group  designed for pregnant mothers.


I attended "Bringin' In Da Spirit meeting, and as I sat quietly in the back, I was very pleased with the information shared regarding the granny midwives and how they were the ones who took better care of our families. It was such a pleasure to see Mama Sarahn Henderson & Mama Nasrah Oshun, Senior Midwives that I've partnered with over the years in Atlanta, to teach some of their clients childbirth education. Mama Ummat Salama shared how the midwifery model of care differs from the medical model. In midwifery having a baby is considered a natural process of womanhood and a rites of passage. In the medical model it's considered a pathology. So the medical team is looking for and treating the mother as if it was a problem or that she has an illness.

It was shocking to learn that Georgia has the highest mother mortality rate in the country. Number 1 on the list of causes of mortality was hemorrhage. The time of mortality includes the period that covers pregnancy through postpartum up to a year after given birth. Mothers in this group, who knew that Iron deficiency causes henorrhaging? In my childbirth and positive parenting classes I've always focused on healthy nutritional awareness. With emphasis on Calcium, Iron and Protein. When I see cups of ice on the table or boxes of starch I remind mommies to please eat healthier foods to bring their Iron levels up.



  • [_] extreme fatigue
  • [_] weakness
  • [_] pale skin
  • [_] chest pain,
  • [_] fast heartbeat
  • [_] shortness of breath
  • [_] headache,
  • [_] dizziness
  • [_] lightheadedness
  • [_] cold hands and feet
  • [_] inflammation or soreness of your tongue
  • [_] brittle nails
  • [_] "Pica" unusual cravings for non-nutritive substances: such as ice, dirt or starch
  • [_] poor appetite, especially in infants and children with iron deficiency anemia
    CAUTION:  Consult with your doctor. Overloading the body with iron can be dangerous because excess iron accumulation can damage your liver and cause other complications.


  • [_] fainting
  • [_] heart failure
  • [_] chest pains
  • [_] numbness and tingling sensations around the mouth
  • [_] numbness and tingling sensations in the fingers and toes
  • [_] muscle cramps: in the back & legs; may progress to muscle spasm (tetany)
  • [_] wheezing
  • [_] difficulty swallowing
  • [_] voice changes due to spasm of the larynx
  • [_] irritability,
  • [_] impaired intellectual capacity,
  • [_] depression, and personality changes
  • [_] fatigue
  • [_] seizures
  • [_] coarse hair
  • [_] brittle nails
  • [_] psoriasis Dry skin
  • [_] chronic itching
  • [_] tooth decay
  • [_] numbness or tingling in the extremities
  • [_] muscle weakness
  • [_] cataracts
  • [_] osteoporosis symptoms (backache; a gradual loss of height and an accompanying stooped posture; fractures of the spine, wrist, or hip)


  • [_] craving sugar
  • [_] edema: collection of fluid under the skin in the legs, feet, ankles
  • [_] weight loss: muscle wastage
  • [_] thinning hair
  • [_] brittle hair
  • [_] ridges or white lines in nails
  • [_] skin rashes
  • [_] dry skin
  • [_] flaking skin resembling eczema
  • [_] weakness & lethargy 
  • [_] slower healing
  • [_] difficulty in sleeping
  • [_] severe depression                                   


On the basis of information that is documented with regular assessments throughout pregnancy, the mother, her support, & her birthing team can realistically be prepared for a short or long labor. Suggestions will be made to mother regarding nutrition, exercise, & reading assignments that influence an easier birth thus reducing the risk of complications.

A childbirth educator, midwife & doula will offer mother nutritional counseling, & educational information on traditional remedies. Mind - body integration techniques for relaxation & stress management are also key for discussion regarding an empowered birthing experience. After the initial information, the midwife will ask questions about: · the mother's state of health, · the status of her relationship to the father· the status of her support system (friends, family) · previous pregnancies · family medical history, etc. · parental maturity& responsibility regarding the health of the pregnant mother & baby· reasons for her choices & places of birth. · During the visit fees for services & payment options are also discussed.






YESTERDAY:  __/__/____    MEAL:        TODAY: __/__/____

FRUIT:                                                      TIME:           

  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm 
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm  
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm 

VEGETABLE:                                             TIME:               

  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm 
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm  
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm 

GRAINS/SEEDS/NUTS:                            TIME: 

  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm 
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm  
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm 

DAIRY/ANIMAL PRODUCTS:                   TIME:

  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm 
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm  
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm 


  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm 
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm  
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm
  • __________  __:__am/pm    __________    __________  __:__am/pm 



FOOD FOR THOUGHT Self-Development Balancing: 1-9


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  • [__/_] Innerchild (birthday)
  • [__/_] Life Path (date of birth) and
  • [__/_] Key (1st Name)

CAUTION * Avoid during pregnancy

spinach, ginger,chamomile,St. Johns Wort
[] Limit: oily/fatty food,flesh,wine,yogurt
[] Sensitivity: HBP, heart palpitations
[] Associated: heart, circulatory system
[] FG Oil: chamomile, basil*, ginger, marjoram*, orange, rosemary*

melon,prune,apple,lemon,strawberry, lettuce,cucumber,cabbage,cauliflower
spring or distilled water
[] Limit: sweets at irregular hours, conflicts
[] Sensitivity: diabetes, digestive sys. prob., hemorrhage.
[] Associated: digestive system, lymphatic system, synovial fluids,
stomach, breasts, ovaries, sympathetic nervous system.
[] FG Oil:  cinnamon bark*, black pepper*, hyssop*, lemon, marjoram*, peppermint*, rosemary*,

apple, grape, cherry, peach, pomegranate, beet, sprouts, asparagus, parsnips, olive, garlic, asafetida*, fenugreek*, ginger, mint*
[] Limit: fats, hot spicy foods, overstrained nerves
[] Sensitivity: strained nerves, skin problems, sciatica, kidneys
[] Associated: the liver, the nervous system, disposition of fats
[] FG Oil:  cardamon*, cumin*, basil*, ginger, lemon, marjoram*, nutmeg*, peppermint*, vanilla*,  

banana, other fresh fruits, okra, lentil, spinach, other vegetables, St. Johns Wort*, scullcap*, vervain*
[] Limit: caffeine drinks, sugar, alcohol
[] Sensitivity: mental/emotional disorders, hysteria, mysterious ailments
[] Associated: back, head
[] FG Oil: cardamon*, coriander*, grapefruit*, hyssop*, nutmeg*, sage*, spearmint*, thyme*, vanilla*

cherries, cranberries, kombu, parsnips, string beans, oats, marjoram*, parsley, cloves*, hops*, hyssop*
[] Best to: fast often, get plenty rest and relaxation
[] Sensitivity: insomnia, exhaustion, lungs, drug abuse
[] Associated: central nervous sytem, brain, respiratory system,
thyroid, sensory organs
[] FG Oil:  basil*, coriander*, hyssop*, lemon, marjoram*, peppermint*

lime, pear, apricot, raspberry, melon, squash, brussel sprouts, radish, all kinds of beans
[] limit: rich and fattening foods, limit sweets,
[] Sensitivity: breast, upper respiratory, circulation
[] Associated: venous circulation, parathyroids, throat,
kidneys, lumbar region, breasts
[] FG Oil:  grapefruit*, lemon, hyssop*, oregano*, rosemary*, sage*

blackberry, pineapple, grapes, fruit juices of all kinds, onion, watercress, cabbage, lettuce, celery
oats, sorrel*, hops*, elderflowers*
[] Limit: repressed emotions and moods.
[] Sensitivity: worry, mental aggravation, stomach
[] Associated: thalamus, spinal canal, nervous & mental processes
[] FG Oil: coriander*, fennel*, hyssop*, sage*

dates, spinach, celery, turnip, savory*, angelica*, solomons seal*
[] Limit: animal flesh (meat), intense feelings of loneliness
[] Sensitivity: blood diseases, liver, rheumatism, bones, headaches
[] Associated: skeletal system, skin, teeth, gallbladder,
spleen, liver, bile, intestines
[] FG Oil:  ginger, hyssop*, lemon, peppermint*

tomato, apricot, apple, dates, rhubarb, eggplant, leeks, bell peppers, mustard, garlic, raw onion, horse-radish*, nettle
[] Limit: pickles, alcohol, or wines, rich foods
[] Sensitivity: headaches, ulcers, abuse of alcohol, drugs,
contagious diseases: measles, chicken-pox, etc...
[] Associated: muscular sytem, uro-genital system, gonads (sex organs),
red corpuscles of the blood and kidney
[] FG Oil:  ginger, hyssop*, lemon, lemongrass*, marjoram* hyssop*

Healthy Nutritional Balance Assessment Form

By L'dia Men-Na'a


Weight, Blood Pressure, Vitamins & Minerals. Learn more about the importance of good prenatal care for preparing our children's future PRE-NATAL INTAKE: Weight, Blood Pressure, Vitamins & Minerals. Learn more about the importance of good prenatal care for preparing our children's future adult health. 

D. CIRCLE The Foods Eaten Yesterday & Today

  • [_] B6: promotes brain function, hormone balance, prevents: nausea, nervous disorders, reduces swelling: Avocado, cabbage27, cantaloupe, cauliflower, beans, Black strap molasses, brocc
    oli, banana4. carrots, celery78, figs1, lemons12, hijiki, honey, okra4, onion79, pineapple7, potato, prune, spinach, watermelon, wheat germ. Eggs, fish, meat, poultry.
  • [_] B9: development of baby’s central nervous system, increases appetite, enhances circulation, & energy: Asparagus, avocado, banana, beans, beets, boysenberry, broccoli, cantaloupe, chard, citrus fruits, kale, spinach148, strawberry, Brussels sprouts6, ginger138, legumes, lentil, bean sprouts, nuts, okra, pineapple, oranges, romaine/green leaf lettuce27, spinach, sprouts3, sweet potato, rice, root vegetables, brewer’s & nutritional yeast, wheat germ, whole grain bread
  • [_] B12: improves skin disorders, nervous system, increases energy: Date89,banana4, cantaloupe, alfalfa sprouts3, dulse, kelp5, okra4, spinach148, adzuki beans, lentils, sm. white/red beans, brewers yeast, spirulina, sun chlorella, bee pollen alfalfa. Eggs, fish, meat, poultry, & dairy products
  • [_] B15: antioxidant, immunity to infections Lowers blood cholesterol, enhances liver function: Bee pollen, brown rice, brewer’s yeast, cabbage27, dandelion root, nutritional yeast, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds.
  • [_] C: protects against virus, bacteria toxins, helps heal wounds, aids absorption of Iron. Acerola cherries, asparagus, bell peppers, blackberriy7, bokchoy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cantaloupe, cabbage27, citrus fruits, dark leafy greens, grapes37, kiwi, lime6, mango, orange1, papaya, parsley, peach3, pumpkin seeds, radish6, rose hips, sesame seeds, strawberries, tomato9
  • [_] E: antioxidant, protects red blood cells, heals wounds. Asparagus3, avocado, bean sprouts3, bee pollen, celery, cucumber, kale, kelp55,olive3 oil, palm oil, sesame butter, spinach, spirulina, tomato, wheat-grass.
  • [_] K: reduces nausea/vomiting, promotes blood clotting, prevention of hemorrhage. Alfalfa, blackstrap molasses, dark green leafy vegetables, kelp. Dairy products, eggs, fish liver oils
  • [_] Calcium: pain killer: cramps, pregnancy, labor, after pains, calms nerves, tones muscles, clots blood. Adzuki, almonds, broccoli, carob, cauliflower2, carrot juice, cherry35, figs1,(w) beans, quinoa, raisins, sesame seeds, string beans5, sunflower seeds, tahini, papaya, peach3, squash6, red raspberry leaf16, spirulina, sun chlorella, hijiki, sea moss, blackstrap molasses. Dairy products, red salmon
  • [_] Iron: essential for making hemoglobin, enriches blood, ensures vitally, reasoning & memory. Almonds, apricot69, beet greens3, blackstrap molasses, brewers yeast, date89, cherry35,dandelion greens, dates, dulse, kelp55, lentils, parsley, peach3, pear6, dried prunes2, raisins, sea moss, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, Swiss chard, wheat bran, alfalfa, nettle9, yellow dock, liquid Floradix w/Iron. Fish (best: red salmon)
  • [_] Protein: growth: baby, placenta, uterus, amniotic fluids. Amaranth, avocado, broccoli, brown rice, corn tortillas, kelp5 lentils, sm. red/white beans, millet, njera, oatmeal, oats7, papaya, quinoa, seeds, squash6, wheat germ. Fish, meat, poultry, dairy, eggs
  • [_] Selenium: antioxidant, balances immune, system, lymph glands, needed for pancreas function, reduces risk of heart-cardiovascular disease, cancer. Asparagus3, barley, brewer’s yeast, broccoli, brown rice, garlic139, blackstrap molasses, mother’s milk, oats, onion79, seeds, whole grains, wheat germ. Butter, fish, lamb


READ LABELS: Substitute animal protein and calcium for plant based foods.

Download & use the free fooducate app on your cell or phone while shopping.

Avoid foods highly processed and GMO.


Rating Frequency    

(FG) Food Grade Pure Essential Oils have been recorded to raise the body’s frequencies, bringing mental clarity, strengthens immune system, lowering susceptibility to dis-eases.  In traditional cooking a drop of Therapeutic "Food-Grade" Essential Oils are added at the end of the cooking cycle for flavoring. Always seek the advice of your midwife during pregnancy.   
Frequency of essential oils, body, & foods

  • Essential oils …52-320 (Hz)  
  • Brain frequency…72-90 (Hz)
  • Body frequency…62-78 (Hz)
  • Headaches/Migraines (lowers body to)59 (Hz)
  • Cold symptoms (lowers body to)58 (Hz)
  • Candida (lower body to)…42 (Hz)
  • Fresh Herbs … 20-27 (Hz)
  • Dry Herbs …12-22 (Hz)  
  • Fresh produce…15 (Hz)
  • Processed/canned food…0 (Hz)

    (referrence information: Aromatherapy, The Essential Beginning D. Gary Young, N.D. Aromatologist)


    Information on this website and my FB page is based on the authors research and experiences. Information is shared for educational purposes and not intended to be used as recommendations or advice for treatment of any illnesses. Do not put into effect any of the above without prior consultation with your medical health care provider for diagnosis, and treatment.


When You Teach A Woman You Teach A Nation. Healthy Nutritional Balance. A list of foods:…

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