INTERVIEW: Maternal Health Education

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ARCHIVES: 12/07/2015

Birthing While Black 9: BLACK MATERNAL HEALTH EDUCATION! Before, During & After 01:27


  • [_]Our bodies are sacred."
  • [_]As women, we have to be the advocate for our care. Postpartum care a time for recovery and internal healing Establishing effective community support Reestablishing intimate relationship
  • [_]Marking the baby - what the baby is imprinted with - guard the mind of the unborn
  • [_]Don't wear red to a birth. Use gold light to cleanse the room. Understanding the energy and environment of the birthing rooms.  Women and babies do still die in hospital rooms.
  • [_]Massage - human touch is so very helpful in pregnancy and childbirth.
  • [_]During interview - ask for transparency on any birth trauma, get relationship issues resolved. Family dynamics Understanding hospital vs homebirth protocols Side effects of chemical management during labor on mother & baby.
  • [_]Some tools used in support: Red Raspberry tea, dandelion tea, nettles tea. Hematite stones a stone for protection/courage. Essential oils, lavender for relaxation, jasmine oil, clary sage. Ylang ylang.
  • [_] First step with a new client - discussion of finances! Our services have value! Levels of payment for services provided Choosing appropriate caregivers and knowing their position on natural childbirth Study and self-care
  • [_] For black women, pre-conceptual health care is vital. Black young girls and women of child bearing age need to be introduced in this concept. Begin teaching children at 10 years old about their reproductive health.
  • [_] Black men also need this education as well. Father support during pregnancy & childbirth
  • [_] Black women have the ability to grow healthy beautiful, strong babies. Eating properly to avoid nutritional deficiency during pregnancy Guarding the mind and reducing the stress and avoiding funerals Assessing the baby after birth: reflexes & body proportions
  • [_] We are women - we are not to be delegated to the back.

Women are powerful Blog Talk Radio - Black Motherhood Empowerment Call 347-857-2381 Please join Denise Bolds - Bold Doula and her special guest L'dia Men-Na'a Muhammad, of When You Teach a Woman, You Teach a Nation as our discussion of birthing while black continues. L'dia is a certified doula and childbirth educator.

Denise Bolds, a certified birth doula in New York and an MSW is the producer and host of Black Motherhood Empowerment. Denise is also the producer/host of Birthing While Black.

L'dia Men-Na'a Muhammad believes in total immersion of the mind, body & spirit of the black woman in preconception, pregnancy and post partum. L'dia Men-Na'a Muhammad can be reached

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